What a semester it has been. 5 months, 10 countries, and a bucket full of memories later, I am now back home in Tuscaloosa, AL sitting in my kitchen. At times when I am reminiscing over my semester long adventure in Europe I feel as though it was a dream that I did not want to wake up from. Being able to explore the variety of cultures and personalities that Europe has to offer is nothing short of exciting and educational. Not only was I able to connect with a diverse set of communities and learn of their values, I made life long friends along the way that I will always cherish. Being in the business college I was very fortunate to be able to study foreign values and what creates pathos within a community. One thing that my travels have further opened my eyes to is the value of which time holds. I cannot emphasize enough how rapidly my trip unfolded. While I was a tad homesick by the end of my journey I could not believe that it was already time to head back to the states. Before I took my trip abroad I had less understanding of how valuable time is and why it is so important to use it to the fullest extent. Now that I have returned to Alabama I am making a much bigger effort to plan out my time where it can be put toward things that will benefit me, my university, and my community as a whole.

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