Having been so busy with finishing up the semester and studying for finals, I have not been able to focus much on my trip to Haiti next week. At night, I often think about how this trip will go. This past summer, I spent 6 weeks in Granada, Spain, taking classes, learning the culture, and ultimately exploring while having a lot of fun. I believe that this next trip to Haiti will be very different than the trip to Spain.

I chose this program because I wanted to become more involved in the Culverhouse School of Accountancy. While in Haiti, I will be helping Haitian business people set up their businesses, bookkeeping, and learn the basics of operating efficiently in their economy. To prepare for this trip, I will need to think about my true reasons for going. I really want to make an impact on the lives of the Haitian people, even in the smallest ways. I want to go into this trip with a positive attitude, and leave feeling that I accomplished something that week.

I am not nervous yet. I might become nervous once I get there, but I want to feel comfortable in this environment, and adapt to the culture while I am in Haiti. I want to welcome the Haitian people and their business ideas into my life, just as myself and other students are being welcomed into their culture to assist them. I will be packing very lightly, only taking a carry on and a backpack. No expensive items will be accompanying me on this trip, but I hope to leave with rich memories and experiences to bring back with me to UA. images-1