“Study abroad!” I have heard these two simple words from so many people over the past few years that I have finally decided, the summer after my junior year, to study abroad. I have always been interested, but it has taken me this long to finally decide to go. Why? No idea… I’ve taken classes the past two summers, and I really wanted to get an internship this summer, so I guess I figured I would not have a chance to study abroad. That all changed when I found the trip “UA in Dublin: International Supply Chain Business Analytics”, which only lasts May 5-25, exploring Dublin, Ireland, for 10 days and then Istanbul, Turkey, for 10 days. In no time, I signed up, realizing that I can still have an internship when I get back.

In preparing for the trip, I have been keeping up with current events in Ireland and Turkey, finding cool things that I want to see while abroad, and making sure that I have everything that I need (outlet converters, camera, etc). Besides that, I have just been trying not to go crazy because I am so ready to go! The good news is that I don’t have long at all, and believe me when I say that I am counting every single second of every single day.

I hope that when I return, I will have learned numerous things about each country and how they are related to the U.S., and I also hope to learn some things about myself. I know I’m going to miss riding by Bryant-Denny every day, but I think I’ll manage.. I’ll keep you updated!