Well, I’m back in the States and have been settled in for a while.

When I first returned, I was so exhausted from the hassle of dragging suitcases through the streets of Paris at 4 am and getting through two airports that I was just glad to be home! It took a while for the lack of Paris to hit me.

Coming home was fun, since I got to see a lot of my friends who had been traveling at the same time. I know some people have experienced their friends at home not being interested in their adventures abroad, but I didn’t experience this.

When I got home, I was more focused on the things I had missed about the United States instead of what was better about Paris. I rejoiced as I texted whoever I wanted from wherever I was, as I used a wasteful amount of plastic bags for free at Wal-Mart, and as I devoured Chick-Fil-A. From air conditioning to the leisure of driving, I only saw the good in coming back to the United States.

This was good, of course, but I knew I’d realize soon enough that my adventure was over for good. That wasn’t so hard to adjust to, actually. What really hit me was how sedentary I am at home and in my school apartment. In Paris I walked and did activities nonstop, because I knew my time was limited – rest could come later. Now, back home, I am more aware of how different our American culture is from others, and how accustomed I am to it.

Since realizing this, I’ve tried to find “adventures” around town and within driving distance in order to stay active. It has helped me branch out more and continue the habits I formed in Paris.