We all have that one friend–likely even more.  I’m talking about that friend that is constantly posting about his/her latest travel adventure.  Maybe you know folks that will tell you all about their travels on the occasions they are in the same country as you.  It is easy to be jealous of the adventures that these people have–at least for me.  Now on the back end of a 9 week country in which I have been to 7 countries, I feel that adventurous spirit in me, and I feel myself moving toward becoming exactly the person described.  Having been to all these places now, I do think about where my next adventures would be.

But know that I do not come back to the United States as the “restless heart” type, as I will call it.  These new cultural experiences are fantastic, and I would absolutely go back for more, but it will not be a constantly unscratched itch of mine.  I have missed the family and friends that know me, and I look forward to going home to see them and plant my roots in a place for a few months.  I enjoy going and meeting lots of different people and getting fresh perspectives on life.  I will miss that a lot.  I also look forward to talking to people that will have more than one conversation with me.

Travelling with a group of fellow students has been huge.  We had to get to know each other quick, because then we had a lot of great times to have together.  Below are some of the folks I got to know along the way.