When you travel to another country you realize how different, and sometimes really strange, other cultures are compared to your own. While I was abroad I saw and experienced things that I would only see in China. So here is a composed list of all the things I would never imagine to find in America.

Only in China…. 

1. …Americans were treated like celebrities.


Everywhere we went someone wanted to take a picture with the “Meiguoren” (Americans)! It was hilarious how excited they were just to simply meet us and try to have a conversation in English.

2. …you could find a Buddhist Temple at the end of a random road.



Honestly, I had no idea there was a temple at the end of this road. I only knew I wanted to go on a hike up a mountain! These temples were really commonplace throughout China and could be found almost anywhere.

3. …the bus this crowded is normal.



4. …you could find soy sauce ice-cream.



It actually tasted a lot like butterscotch!

5. …this six person compartment is considered first class on the overnight train.



Yes, this is considered first class. And what would be “economy” was just a room where people stood until they arrived to their destination.

6. …you had to wear a swim cap before entering a pool.



7. …you could find a cow walking around a neighborhood.



8. … you could combine the deliciousness of an omelet with dumplings! IMG_9223


This was seriously the best meal on campus at Xiamen University.

9. …you could find a puppy so small you would confuse it as a stuffed animal. IMG_9080


10. …swimming with fish that “kissed” the dead skin off your body was relaxing.IMG_9139


Probably one of the strangest sensations I have ever experienced. If you are extremely ticklish, be warned! I could not stop laughing for a solid thirty minutes.

11. …you’d look out the front window and see cars driving in the opposite direction.



Crossing a one way street? You better look both ways, because in China road rules are basically nonexistent.



12. …you could find these super awesome shirts of pandas practicing tai chi. IMG_9388


13. …. you could find a random tandem bike!


14. …you could relax at a 5 start hot spring resort that had pools infused with pineapple, coffee, lemon, etc.

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