I am almost positive that it is impossible to return home, after any time of travel, to not experience even an inkling of reverse culture shock. I spent two and a half weeks of my summer in Germany, so I didn’t expect to feel too much of this shock. It did come in bits and pieces, though.

You would think that I would’ve had my fill of bratwursts and schnitzel after eating them for sixteen days straight. Wrong you are! In my first week back home, I not only went to the grocery store to buy freshly baked bread and a package of bratwursts to cook, but I also convinced my family to celebrate Father’s Day at the Hofbräuhaus here in Cincinnati. It wasn’t nearly as authentic as the original in Munich, but it took me back to Germany for a few hours nonetheless.

You would think that I would need some alone time after spending sixteen days straight with the same sixteen people. You are incorrect, again. I truly miss having these friends by my side at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every moment in between. No matter how many atrocious pictures were taken of me at the most unfortunate of times, I wouldn’t have traded a single person or second. I most definitely miss the schedule we had planned out for us, since I knew something new and intriguing would be coming that day. There is always an opportunity for exciting things to happen in every day, but it was nice to know that I didn’t have to make it happen all by myself.

You would think that my favorite iced coffee from Starbucks would be just what I need to start a day here at home. I promise this is the last time I will prove you wrong. Nothing could beat sitting on the sidewalk at a table outside a little café, with people passing by, as you sit and sip your refreshing cappuccino and snack on your fresh pretzel or crepe. Not only is it relaxing, but it is also some of the best times I have ever spent people watching. People and cars pass by here at home, but it has yet to feel the same.

So I may not have felt extreme culture shock, I still miss the country I fell in love with to months ago and everything that came with it. Thank goodness I have to pictures to bring all of the memories back whenever I’m missing it a little more than usual.


Can I get a cappuccino?

Can I get a cappuccino?

I'll get a crepe, too.

I’ll get a crepe, too.