Although I am glad to be home, I am already missing being abroad. It is strange not being with the people that you have spent weeks with abroad and not having to pay for water at restaurants anymore. Although the experience is over, I know that the memories and the friendships I made there will last a lifetime.

I am so lucky to have been able to take part in this wonderful experience. Studying abroad has made me to want to see more of the world. It was not easy to transition from life abroad to life back in the United States. Every day in Europe became an adventure because there was always something new to experience. I believe that this experience truly enriched my awareness of the world. I learned to better interact and communicate with people who did not share the same customs or language as me. It made me realize how big the world really is. I have grown so accustomed to living in my bubble, it was nice to be thrown into situations that were different from my everyday life.

I would absolutely recommend students to take part in this or any study abroad trip. It really made me a better person and it was just an overall incredible experience. Every day I miss being abroad more and more, especially the food! I am so grateful that I had this wonderful opportunity to study abroad, and I know that I will travel back shortly for more adventures.