It has been a month since I have left East Asia, and I must admit that I miss that place so much! This trip has been such a life changing experience for me in so many different ways. To be more specific, weeks have gone by and I’m still reminiscing on the time I spent there. I’ve learned to take nothing for granted and to be thankful for even the smallest things. Sometimes we get so caught up in obstacles that come our way, and as a result, we forget to appreciate our current blessings. I have now realized that there are people who are suffering because of greater obstacles but still manage to keep smiles on their faces. The people in East Asia were always ready to greet me with welcoming smiles and hugs despite their limited healthcare. It was indeed a blessing to be granted this opportunity of providing medical care to such wonderful and contented people. It has changed my perspective on a lot of things. For example, my perspective on health care around the world has become more meaningful and I fully understand what holistic care is all about. Returning from this trip I have grown in so many areas in my life. The experience has motivated me in so many different ways that I anticipate the moments I can provide health care around the world throughout my career as the opportunity arises. A learning experience both on a personal and professional level this has undoubtedly been one of the highlights in my nursing school career.


I not only miss the people of East Asia, but I also miss my wonderful team! What a great group of amazing people in every aspect. Their actions brought out the true meaning that, “Unity is Strength” we met as strangers and left as a family. We worked well together. We shared many laughs and tears with each other. We did what we could and then we prayed. I love each and every one of them. In addition, I was grateful to meet everyone that crossed my path; some included the bus drivers, my patients, and the restaurant servers. Everyone was so warm and welcoming.  East Asia has been a complete blessing to me and I hope one day I can return and see those familiar faces. I can’t express how grateful I am in being granted this opportunity of providing medical care to those who were in need. I promise I will not stop here; this experience has opened doors for me. As long as I am able, I will go to the edge of the world to spread good  news to the broken and the poor.



I would encourage anyone who has plans of going on a medical trip to keep on planning. Don’t let anything or anyone change your mind. It will change your life forever. East Asia you will forever be in my thoughts and prayers! I will never forget you! You gave me an experience for a life time.


Forever in my heart,

Keema Boland