Ending a long week of studying in Oxford, this past weekend we traveled to Penshurst Place, Canterbury, then Dover! On Friday morning we took our bus to Penshurst Place, the ancestral home of the Sidney family and also the birthplace of Sir Philip Sidney, a great Elizabethan poet. When we arrived, we took a tour throughout the inside of the home. It was so fascinating learning about the Sidney family and how they came to power during the 1550’s. After the tour, we walked through the garden, it was absolutely beautiful!

Penshurst Place Garden

Afterwards, we boarded the bus and headed for Canterbury. Once we arrived there, we all had the afternoon to disperse before dinner. A group of us looked through some shops and walked along the river through a park. The next morning we toured the Canterbury Cathedral, where the death of Sir Thomas Becket took place, whereafter he was made a saint.










Once we finished our tour, we jumped back on the bus and headed for Dover Castle. The castle was absolutely beautiful! We toured the Secret War Time Tunnels that have been used for over 200 years from the Napoleonic Times to the Cold War. In the tunnel we watched dramatic videos that gave us all a better understanding of the importance of the tunnels and how each part of the tunnel had a specific use, whether it be a Coastal Artillery Operations room or Telephone Exchange room. After the tour, we ventured off to explore the castle. Throughout the castle we found the king’s chamber in the great tower and a chapel dedicated to Becket. Visiting Canterbury and Dover has definitely one of the highlights of the trip so far! The historical significance behind both of the trips really gave me a lot of insight into the history of England’s cathedrals and military.