I have spend the past two weekends i have been in Europe in different places. After being in Brussels for less than a week, my group and i took off for London. We rode the train for less than three hours on Friday morning and headed back the following Sunday evening. The train ride in itself was a great experience. It is awesome to see how easy it is to travel from country to country with out having to drive yourself or fly. I am starting to wish that the United States had a similar system! The only part that has been difficult about the trains is traveling with just a backpack. Since the tickets for our transportation were included in the tuition there is no room for extra baggage fees.


Overall, my group and i had a great time in London. We were able to visit most of the historical places in our short amount of time including a tour of their parliament building that we all really enjoyed. The next trip i took was to Amsterdam over the free weekend. We were all able to choose a destination of our choice to travel to or just stay at home. Something that really surprised me on this visit was that there was not any boarder control. It was just like using the metro. When i had gone to London the prior weekend we even got our passports stamped!