If I were to consider the entire collective experience of being in Santiago, Valparaiso, and Easter Island, it would emerge as a kaleidoscope of images and emotions, a tumultuous attempt at the reorganization of the study abroad trip. While my words can never fully compare to the actual events or provide a proper basis of understanding for those who wish to live vicariously through such adventures, I do hope that reading such stories and noting certain insights will allow for an accessibility to South America and its myriad of cultural personalities. Personally, South America had always held a certain enigmatic hold over me, never allowing for a complete grasp of all the varied layers and infusions available. Being in Santiago and venturing outward, whether from our hostel or from the city itself, consistently allowed for insights into the societal structures of Chile, with unexpected reverberations that impacted my view of home and the diverse nature of the United States. In the microcosm of the classroom, but maybe even more so our tiny hostel room, there was an emergent challenge at nearly every turn to the seemingly concrete personality I thought I had established. Each adventure, whether positive or negative, churned the facets of my identity at the same time as I came to understand the lives of those around me in ever greater detail. The trip to Chile challenged me to loosen the constraints I had subconsciously placed on myself and allow those rougher edges to emerge. Through my interactions with family and friends since my return, I realize the subtle changes and the various imprints that Chile left behind. The chance to nurture and contend with the full extent of identity does not emerge as often as might be considered; I only hope that I have the opportunity to return to South America soon.