Its very hard to believe that my trip here in Brussels, Belgium is over. I never thought that i would become so close to the people that i came on this trip with. We were able to conquer the many different obstacles together as a group and made memories that will last a lifetime. We even shed a tear when saying goodbye. I loved going on my trip through the University and would do it again in a heartbeat.


My favorite Study Abroad experience was definitely being able to travel on my own and get away from my home life in a place i had never been before. It has definitely made me a more independent person. Now that i know what it is like to be on my own away from my close friends and family, i feel more confident in my ability to be successful after i graduate.


I think that the hardest part about leaving my home here in Brussels is going to be going back home and trying not to talk about it all of the time! I had so much fun on my trip and all i want to do is tell everyone about it. I know that students who haveĀ  I also am going to miss the wonderful foods (waffles and frites) that i have been able to try as well.