This summer I am spending 5 weeks in Australia, studying law at the Australian National University. This experience is my second time studying abroad, I spent my junior year in England. Both experiences were completely worth the travel and the expense.

The strange thing about this summer, is that it is winter down here on the other side of the world.IMG_0264 It made packing and flying interesting. It also made travel from Sydney to Canberra fraught with delays (see picture above).


Traveling halfway around the globe is a pretty cool endeavor. A word of warning to anyone doing it, thought, a 14 hour plane ride is not that enjoyable. All told I was traveling for over 24 hours, which left me completely exhausted. Wherever you travel, be prepared to deal with jet lag, exhaustion, and brain death. Build in at least a day to settle into the new country before your classes start. If you can build in more time, do. Take advantage of your time abroad and travel to as many other places as you possibly can. You won’t regret it.

Good luck with your initial travels!