Now that I’m back home, I’m not too upset or sad about leaving Barcelona. I’m very satisfied with the professional experience I got and the connections I made in Spain and I look forward to keeping in contact with all of the friends I made. My thought going through my head when I first got into the airport, was “Wow, its freezing here.” For the most part I’m feeling pretty even keel. I’m ready for this next semester and I’m excited to see how this next year pans out.

In relation to changing myself, I don’t think I’ve changed at all since being abroad. I tried different things and was constantly out of my comfort zone, but at the end of the day none of that changed who I was as  a person. If anything, its only reaffirmed the man I know I’m called to be. In regards to my worldview, I respect different cultures and traditions, but I also just absolutely love America. Being an ex-patriot is not something I could do. Working in a place that you speak none of the language does make every job you could possibly have from here on out, look much much easier.

Its been quite easy to jump back into the swing of things here in the states. So reverse culture shock really hasn’t been much of a thing for me.

My best pieces of advice for a person going abroad is don’t worry. There’s always a few speed bumps when traveling and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid them, just roll with the punches and keep a level head.