It’s so hard to believe I am over halfway done with my summer study abroad experience in London. Although I have only been a student here for a week and a half, I have already adjusted and (somewhat) settled in to life here. I have the most amazing roommates and I am almost positive that the word “bored” does not exist in this city. Between museums, theatre shows, pub-crawls, spontaneous brand promotion events, and my class at “uni,” I have not stopped moving. I have done so much here, but I know I have not covered even half of what this incredible city has to offer.

Despite researching the city before I left, London still never ceases to surprise me in the best way possible. It’s vibrant nightlife, art, food, history and culturally diverse population are enough to keep someone entertained for a lifetime. However, my favorite and most fulfilling moments of living in such a big city abroad occur when I am getting to know other people from different cultures, both from London and not, or when I realize that I am actually starting to fit in here (including but not limited to: passing an actual castle on my morning jog, successfully taking a tube route without looking at one of the five tube maps we received, and getting irritated when people stand instead of walk on the left side of the tube).

Another wonderful aspect about life in Europe is the ease and affordability of travel. Last weekend, ISA took us on a day to the beautiful cities of Canterbury, Dover, and Brighton. This weekend, my friends and I planned a trip to Amsterdam and a night trip to Liverpool next week. I’m excited to see what the final chapter of my adventure brings!


Kaitie B.

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