Tomorrow I set off for England! I’ve spent all summer preparing myself, planning what to pack, and just imagining what daily life will be like. I am studying abroad with UA in Oxford as part of the Honors College. I chose to study abroad because I absolutely love traveling and exploring the world. On top of that, I am an International Business and Marketing major so working and studying internationally is a big part of what I love to do. When I first applied, I was so nervous yet very excited. I checked my email religiously for the next month waiting to hear an update on my application status. Once I was accepted I couldn’t contain my excitement. One month in England sounds like a dream. However, then came the problem of what to pack. English weather is extremely bipolar. One day it can be 80 degrees and sunny and then next 64 and rainy! It took me awhile to figure out how to dress in layers and what I needed to always have on me in case of the unpredictable rain storms. As I prepare to leave, I constantly go over a checklist of what I have packed and search my mind for anything else I might need. I can’t help but be a bit nervous for a the trip since I’ve never been to England before. However, I know that my professors are well educated and very knowledgeable about England. This helps relieve my stresses and allows me to focus on the once in a lifetime experience before me. Hopefully I can keep by suitcase under 50 pounds!