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Woke up on our last day and made last minute checks on all my assignments before turning it in. Three of us decided to go get waffles on a stick but turns out they actually didn’t have any so we got crepes instead, good last breakfast in Greece. From there Stephen and I went to the post office to mail my 40 million postcards on the last day; Stephen was named Hermes on the trip and Hermes is on their post office sign so he’ll be personally delivering those. I joined Marley on the beach and went in the water with our floaties and the water felt amazing. A group of us went to the water sports rental place to have some fun on our last day. Hannah Gene, Marley, Holly and I did the crazy shark which is like tubing but sitting up on a couch. Was really fun, no clue how no one flew off. I almost flew off across Hannah Gene and Holly one time and then Marley almost flung off too. After that Joe and I bartered to get a discount on the jet ski. I drove first and it was so fun!!! I flung Joe off when I was doing turns really fast… Couldn’t apologize without laughing, sorry again Joe. Then he went and wanted to see what the top speed was and we hit 50 mph. He was low key trying to throw me off for payback and finally succeeded before we had to go back in… Fair is fair. We walked back and hung out on the lounge chairs outside the hotel until it was time for our test. We had our pizza party was on our shared balcony and we had pizza and ice cream. Tatiana made a speech and we went around and did each of our’s favorite moments. We took about a million pictures after that. Sad to be leaving everyone and going home.

Going home will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. This trip has been so amazing and I’m so glad I came. This trip makes me appreciate home but I’m definitely changed because of this. I have formed so many incredible memories and made so many wonderful new friends. I will be forever grateful for this trip and recommend studying abroad to anyone who is even just considering it! Not only does it change your perspective but it makes you a better person. I will forever remember this amazing trip and can’t wait to go back to Greece someday and have our 10 year reunion of the trip.