I can’t believe I’m going to be traveling to East Asia in a few days! Many factors played into my decision to study abroad. One of the factors that played into my decision is my desire to provide medical care to people that are not able to afford it. Serving others has always been something I absolutely enjoy and love to do. Growing up in the Caribbean has definitely opened my eyes to the effects that limited health care can have on families. Therefore, I am grateful to be apart of a movement that can provide change. I can’t wait to be able to serve those in East Asia to the best of my ability. I also want to experience a different culture and all aspects of East Asia, which include the people, food, and entertainment.

The key thing I considered before traveling abroad was my ability to be mentally prepared for such a different experience. In preparation for my trip I first prayed for God’s protection and wisdom. I made sure I packed all the essentials such a sunscreen, medications, an umbrella, and sunglasses. I know that on this trip I have an important mission and that is to show love and provide medical care to the beautiful people of East Asia. I am super excited and anxious at the same time. I know that this trip will give me an experience for a lifetime. I hope that I am able to accomplish all of what I’ve set out to do. I hope to learn and experience every aspect of East Asia and its culture. I look forward to spreading joy and love and attending to my patients’ medical concerns. I anticipate an amazing trip! I am so thankful for the opportunity to embark on such a wonderful experience! I  know it will be life changing! East Asia here I come!

Ni hao

Keema Boland 🙂