One month of studying abroad in China has come to a close. We landed in the Chicago airport and I had to sprint to my next flight. I thought I would not be able to say goodbye to my classmates but as it turns out, my flight was delayed. My classmates and I found each other and decided to go to a burger place in the airport. We enjoyed our first taste of American food after a month of being in China, as a majority of us had a double bacon cheese burger. Saying goodbye to the friends I had made was extremely difficult because of the fun memories we all shared. I am excited that I will be able to see my classmates again this upcoming semester for Chinese class.

Now that I am home, I realize how much I actually miss being in China. I miss the everyday adventure, the friends I have made, and learning about the Chinese culture. I have had a hard time speaking in English when my first instinct now is to speak in Chinese. The trip was exciting because before the trip I only understood the Chinese language; now, I understand the culture as well. I loved learning outside of the classroom and being fully immersed into their culture. When I first arrived in China, I admit that I was worried and unsure of staying there for a month. As I have returned home, I miss being in China and I wish that I had more time to explore the unique and majestic country of China.

Roll Tide from China!


A statue of an elephant at a Buddhist Temple in Xiamen, China.