There are a lot of reasons why I decided to study abroad this Summer in Greece. My first experience traveling to a foreign country came when I was in second grade. My family and I went to Italy for about three weeks during Summer vacation. That first trip made me want to travel even more and I returned to Europe three times over the next decade. The last trip that I took to Europe was when I went with my Godfather to Ireland after my high school graduation. I have been so blessed to have been able to travel and it is one of the most important things that I want to be able to do throughout my life. When I returned from Ireland and got home, I still had ten Euros left in my wallet. For some reason, I didn’t take it out. I liked it on me at all times. Over time, when I would open my wallet I would see it and it would remind me of all of the fun times that I have had over seas. But I don’t think that was the main reason I kept it. I kept it in my wallet because it was a tangible reminder to myself that I have to go back. I refused to exchange it for US currency and I couldn’t spend it in the States. It was an excuse, plain and simple. I have carried it now for two full years since returning from Ireland. Now, I wait in the airport, about to fly to Toronto and then on to Athens. I haven’t decided yet whether I will spend the money, or keep it as a reminder that I always should return. I guess that’s a decision I will have to make when I get there. However, no matter what, I think about what led me to go on this trip, and the first thing I think about is the ten Euros that I have kept in my pocket for the past two years.


Now that I am packed and waiting at the airport for everyone else to show up (I’m always the first one here) I am fully focused on my destination and the adventures that are ahead of me. I read over my itinerary trying to remember every city that we visit. As someone who considers himself as well traveled, I know that I have everything I need, even though I’ve packed relatively light. Power converters, books, tablet, shorts, flashlights for exploring ruins and caves are all packed, and now I anxiously await to hear these three words, “Boarding zone three!”