My flight for Greece leaves in 4 hours so, of course, I’m just now getting around to packing. While looking around tornado of  clothes and shoes in my room, I realized I might be able to help some folks who are just as bad at organizing as I am by making a list of the stuff you might think you need to pack, but probably don’t.


1) Skimp on the t-shirts and short sleeves and bring all the tank tops you have. Summers in Europe are hot, especially Greece, because the air there is dry rather than humid, and shirts that cover my shoulders make me feel way overheated. Plus, tanks take up way less space in your suitcase than other tops. Also, leave tops made of certain materials at home, velvet, polyester, etc. are too hot and heavy for the summer.

2) Long pants. This seems obvious but as someone who is obsessed with leggings/yoga pants, it was hard for me to leave these out of my suitcase. Jeans are in there too, they are usually too tight and too hot for me personally. If you’re comfortable, sundresses are an amazing easy, every day outfit that you can just throw on (as opposed to shorts every day which can ride up/be uncomfy sometimes).

3) Boots. Dressy ones or hiking boots. Bring one pair if you want to for nights out, but ultimately open toed shoes are going to be your best bet, plus they don’t take up as much room as boots. For hiking or walking, I love my Tevas and Chacos, both are waterproof as well.

Bathroom stuff/toiletries:

1) Hair dryers/curling irons/etc. Unless your hair is super unruly, leave the hair styling tools at home because they take up a ton of space. Although most Greek hotels don’t have hairdryers in their bathrooms, someone at the front desk of your hotel or someone from your group will probably have one, so just try to share!

2) Regular sized bottles of shampoo/conditioner/etc. If you’re studying abroad for a whole month like me, it can be hard to part with your fave products, but honestly there will be stuff in whatever country you’re going to that you can buy. Save the room in your suitcase for more cute outfits.

3) Hair products/sprays/makeup, etc. Now, I wouldn’t go anywhere without my makeup, but for this trip I’m just bringing the essentials rather than all the products I use for my daily routine. You’ll be having so much fun with the program you won’t even have time to worry about what you look like. “Rough it” as they say, and it’ll save you a lot of room in your bag.


1) Multiple books. I love reading, but books are heavy and my suitcase needs to be under 50 lbs and my carry on is already full. Just bring your favorite paperback and a magazine to read on the plane, then find a used book shop when you arrive and pick up a couple to read on the beach!

2) Your laptop. I know, it’s hard, but most hotel safes in Europe are not big enough to fit the average laptop. Bring a tablet or iPad if you have one, but don’t sweat it if you don’t. Most likely you can use your phone for assignments for the study abroad class. Plus, you won’t have that temptation to just watch a movie, you’ll have to go out an explore during down time.