It’s finally here! Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for my month long medical mission trip in Elmina, Ghana. At the moment I am a mixture of excitement and a little bit of nerves. Planning this trip, everything seemed so far into the future, and the realization that it all is actually happening is just starting to hit me! I have not done much traveling before, let alone an eleven hour plane trip, so wrapping my head around the amount of flying I will be doing tomorrow is making me a little dizzy.
I am very excited to finally meet up with the other students and get to work! We will be working in a local clinic and well as doing rural medical outreach. At this point, I think we are all a little in the dark about what our actual duties will be, but I think that is a bit exciting. Being thrown into a new situation with an open mind should be an exhilarating surprise. I can’t wait for all the hands on experience I will be gaining.
Packing for this trip has proved to be fairly difficult. I settled for a few pairs of scrubs and mostly t-shirts and shorts. My prized possession for this trip is going to be my GoPro camera. I am planning on recording and photographing our stay and all our adventures. Not to mention my family will be begging for daily visual updates.
I am writing this pretty late because the nerves and excitement are keeping me awake, but I should probably force myself to get some sleep for the long traveling hours ahead!
More to come soon!


After getting up at 6 this morning to get ready for my 10AM flight leaving St. Louis and arriving at the airport,  my connecting flight from Detroit to New York got canceled. My only other option was fly out of St. Louis to Minneapolis at 7:30 tonight, then Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and finally Amsterdam to Accra. This new plan has me arriving in Accra at 8:05 PM tomorrow, about 13 hours later than originally planned. Thankfully, my dad was able to come pick me and bring me home until my new flight. At least now I get to have lunch with my family in the down time!

Hopefully this is the only hiccup in my traveling for now!

– CeCe