I can’t believe that in a little less than two days, I will be starting my 25-hour plane/bus/tuk tuk (google pictures of this and laugh as you imagine me riding on one) journey to Cambodia. If you know me, you can probably imagine how many lists I have made and obsessed over. I never thought it would happen, but all of the items on these lists are finally completed and crossed off. With that being said, I still have never felt so prepared and unprepared at the same time.

I know that all of my protein bars, hand sanitizer, scrubs, bottles of pure deet bug spray, etc. are purchased and ready to be packed away. I know that the average daily temperature will be 95° with at least 80% humidity (R.I.P. to my hair), and that, thanks to wet season, it will be raining during the majority of the trip. I know that I will be giving shots, distributing much-needed vitamins, providing eyeglasses, and going into people’s homes to share some health education. I know that I am not allowed to drink any water that isn’t bottled, even when brushing my teeth or taking a shower. I know to watch where I step to avoid king cobras or landmines (as in actual bombs in the ground). I know that I will have a translator, so I will not have to embarrass myself while butchering the difficult-to-pronounce language of Khmer.

Even with all of this, I still feel totally nervous and unprepared. But I think if I didn’t feel this way, this would not be a trip worth taking. I am excited to work with and help people using the opportunities and education that I have been blessed with. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible for me, and I cannot wait to get started.