I chose to study abroad in Barcelona for various reasons. These reasons surround my major at the University of Alabama and experiences that I seek to gain. I am currently double majoring in Marketing and Management with an international focus. The University of Alabama study abroad program helped with me finding several affiliate business programs.  While selecting programs that assisted with my major, I researched those who offer courses that fit towards marketing and international business. I selected the API Business program because it was located in the beautiful city of Barcelona and offers numerous courses that fit towards my criteria. The program also offers reasonable prices, excursions, and great living areas.

While Departing to Barcelona, I had several thoughts and questions in my head such as would I like it? Will it truly be beneficial? Would I get homesick? I knew that I should not overthink it and just let the experience happen. I have been here for a little over three weeks now and I can honestly say that I am having the time of my life! I live in a beautiful location and have great roommates. The two classes that I am taking are very interesting and are teaching various methods about doing business internationally. I have toured and visited various locations such as Costa Brava and Mallorca. It has been a culture shock as well. Learning the new customs and values such as greeting people and asking for certain thing have really grown on me. The only thing that I would say I would want to better different is if more of my friends were here to experience this with me.