Ever since I was a freshman in college I have wanted to study abroad.  However, because of multiple reasons, I was unable to fulfill this dream.  I knew that I would learn a great deal, not only in the classroom but about culture and life in another country.  I have been abroad a few times, but not for a prolonged amount of time to be immersed in the culture of a country.  It took me six years at this great university (I am currently a MBA student here at UA) to be able to afford the opportunity to be able to study abroad.  But then the perfect opportunity arose for me to be able to study abroad, UA in Dublin.  This program not only lined up with a great time for me to be able to participate but also in my interests in statistics and operations.  We will be visiting many different companies including IBM, Toyota, Waterford Crystal, two textile manufactures, among other companies.  This is a great opportunity for me considering that my passion is in manufacturing and seeing many different processes.  I like to see something go from nothing to completion and knowing how the entire supply chain brings many different parts together in an efficient way.  I also like knowing how to optimize process and find deficiencies within these processes.  I am ecstatic to learn about the new programs (Analytic Risk Solver Platform and SAS) we are scheduled to learn and being able to apply this to my career in  the future.