unnamed-1Heading to Costa Rica today! I can not wait to see the beautiful rainforest, beaches and volcanoes that hold a wide range of biodiversity. I an so glad my family encouraged me to go on at least one study abroad trip before i graduate. My older sister always said she was disappointed she never found the time at her own college to study abroad, and pushed me to find the right program to travel to at UA. As a junior (or rising senior now)I decided to at least look at some options for the summer. I ended up choosing “UA Field Studies in Costa Rica” trip because it fits into my major of environmental science, and I have never been to a South American country before. So as a person who hopes to travel the world one day, I am interested in exploring another part of the world that I have not seen yet! Two professors will lead the trip to work on sustainability between human and environmental interactions. They both seem nice and enthusiastic about teaching and their field work. THey are also well organized (which I love) and gave the group good maps, checklists, itinerary, information, and were always ready to answer any questions we had. As a person who loves organization I loved having a good checklist to help me pack because there is nothing worst than being in a foreign country without the bare essentials for a trip. I also loved the detailed itinerary that made any stress completely disappear, and only make me ┬ámore excited to travel and explore Costa Rica. I was able to look up destinations we will visit to become more familiar with the ares. Although the trip will be a short two and half weeks I can not wait to take it all in and enjoy every moment. I hope to have a good time with the group, learn about Costa Rica and its culture, and enjoy one of the most bio diverse countries in the world! Wish us luck!