I started planning this trip in November, and it always seemed like something to look forward to. Now, as I have just four more days to prepare, I am a little overwhelmed, but incredibly excited. I never thought it would actually get here.

So far, I have started packing…. well started getting my stuff together and started on the readings I have to complete for class. There was a lot more homework than I expected, but as I work my way through it, I become more and more excited to learn this information first hand. While abroad, I am studying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS to my fellow Accounting majors). This is a subject matter we always hear about in classes but never talk about in detail.

I started looking into this program because I had a friend who went on it last year and had a blast. I had always wanted to study abroad, but I am graduating in just 3 years, so I was running out of time. For my specialization, I needed an internship, but I was going to have to pay out of state tuition to get it accredited. That was when I realized I could participate in this program for a similar amount of money but it would also fulfill those needed last credits. I still have my internship, but it does not start until June, and the trip was just for May. Things could not have worked out more perfectly.

I think my grandmother is more excited for me to go on this trip than I am (if that is even possible). This is the first year that this program will be going to Berlin. My grandmother grew up in Berlin and came over to the US when she was about my age. Her brother and his family are still over there, and I will get to meet them. I am my grandmother’s only grandchild, so I know they have heard her brag about me over the years, and she is just so excited for us to meet.

I am really going on this trip for my grandmother, but it helps that I am going to have a great time and knock out some credits while I am over there. This is my first trip to Europe, and I could not be more excited. It will be interesting to fly by myself into an international airport in a non-English speaking country, but hopefully I don’t get too lost!