I’ve currently been in shock that I have already been here two months and I have midterm exams this week! This trip so far has been amazing and has opened my eyes to such a different way of life. My political science classes here have taught me that Europe has just as many hot political debates as the United States but they do not like to broadcast them as much as we do.  I have also learned to cook for myself, something I was not used to in Alabama. The grocery stores here are very small and packed at all times so I used to get anxiety while shopping but I am getting better and better at translating which makes it easier.  Even though I have been here a short time I feel like I have learned so much so I compiled a list of useful information I think is important!

1. Time helps everything; with time you will find places you love to eat, shop, and get basic items

2. If you’re missing Target there is a store called Tiger that is a mini Target/Ikea

3. Find one restaurant and become a regular! (mine is il gatto e la volpe on my street)

4. Say goodbye to coffee and iced coffee, Italy only drinks espressos or cappuccinos

5. There will be good days and bad days, just like everywhere else so don’t let the pressure of “having the time of your life” get to you on the bad ones.

6. Trains aren’t always the cheapest/easiest form of transportation; flights from easyjet, ryanair, alitalia, etc. are usually really cheap!

7. Sometimes the cities you wouldn’t think of to visit are the best; I had no interest in Budapest and it is now my favorite city here!



Budapest Baths! ^^