Nervousness. Excitement. Restless. Stressed.

There are a tornado of emotions that could be used to describe the week before departure. I am constantly fluctuating from one to the other trying never quite finding a balance. There is so much to do: packing, goodbyes, checks and rechecks to make sure the tasklist – I’m type B so its in my head – is checked off. I have no idea what to expect when I arrive in Dublin, Ireland with my two bags and backpack filled with hopefully everything that I will need while spending a semester there. Having no expectations, I have learned, is the best way to appreciate good things when they happen (that is not to say I have no expectations for myself).

I have planned to study abroad since before I even entered college. Picking a program that fit in with an engineering curriculum was one of the biggest factors that influenced me to come to Dublin. With an established program and credits that will transfer this ensured I would not graduate a semester late. Furthermore studying abroad is expensive. Making sure that my scholarships transferred over was the major green light I needed in order to move forward in this endeavor.

I have an endless list of things I would like to experience and see while abroad. The northern lights, the beaches of Greece, and the seemingly endless mountains that belong to the Swiss Alps. Regardless of whether I see the things I want I realize that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. To enter a country with no familiarity is an experience that every person should undergo at some point in one’s life. This is the time where perhaps the moment will capture me and lead me to a new perspective on everything.



From familiar to new,


– Paaras A.