The semester has come to an end and now I have to say goodbye to the most amazing people and most beautiful city in the world. This semester has been filled with excitement, adventure, and beautiful sites. My choice of Prague to study abroad was the best decision I have ever made. Prague is in a very central location of Europe making it easy to travel and the city itself has something happening all the time so you’re never bored. In my last weeks in Prague, I tried to really soak in the city. I went to the Prague castle, Charles Bridge, and Lennon wall again for one last time and went to new restaurants and cafes I had never been to before. It is so sad to leave the place I love but I know I will be back one day.


Prague gave me amazing friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Studying abroad is such a great experience because it helps you grow as a person and learn about yourself. Its great because you meet all of these interesting people from all over the world but then when its over you have to say goodbye. My program had people from all over America and coming back and being so far away from them is difficult but that just gives us an excuse to go visit each other. I already have a trip planned for New Years to go visit my study abroad friends. Prague was the most wonderful place to study abroad but in the end its the friends you make that make your experience. This isn’t goodbye Prague its I’ll see you later because I know I will soon be back in my favorite city in the world.