We’re approaching the end of term here at Leicester Uni and tensions are, of course, running high. In England, your entire grade rests on two essays or one essay and an exam (at least for Politics students!) and our essay due dates are quickly approaching. It has been difficult to find the books in the library, but I have managed to scrape by without purchasing a single textbook this term! It’s a wonderful thing.

In spite of all the stress, we’ve found some time to enjoy ourselves. My hall took it upon themselves to decorate for the holidays, and it is adorable. We are having a Secret Santa which will occur just before the end of term. Yesterday, it was Thanksgiving stateside, so us Americans popped down to our local ASDA grocery and put together Thanksgiving dinner. Our English friends were quite bemused by the whole affair but they were good sports about it!

Once I am finished with my grueling essays I will be packing my hundred-pound suitcase and attempting to mail it overseas, which I’m sure will be quite expensive. But, it can’t come to Italy with me! This term I have made it to Paris, London, and Amsterdam; in the next couple of weeks I am planning a weekender to Edinburgh, and as soon as term ends, an American friend and I are jetsetting to Venice, where we will spend a couple of days soaking up the culture (and food!) before heading to Rome for a truly cosmopolitan experience. Better brush up of my Italian!

This trip has been an amazing experience for travel, and it’s been surprisingly easy and inexpensive. The courseload here is not light, but since learning is very self-directed, it’s easy to take a break from uni and head off for a weekend! If there is anything I regret about my stay in England, it’s that I didn’t get to do more exploring in the UK itself — but travel in the United Kingdom is far more expensive than you would anticipate! And, frankly, when given the choice between Amsterdam and Leeds, which would you choose! Ha.

I’ve got to get back to writing my essays now, but here are some photographs to keep you occupied. God save the Queen!


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