7:00am: Wake up and cook breakfast in the common kitchen before class. I share a hallway with 11 other students– some international, some Danish– and we all share a big kitchen and bathroom.

7:45am: Bike to class! Or take the bus if it’s raining…

The business school campus

The business school campus

8:15am: My 8am class begins. All classes start a quarter after the hour even if the schedule says 8am. Awesome news for me since I’m sometimes late. Also, classes meet way less often than I am used to. My classes meet once a week, so it is up to me to manage my studies in preparation for exams at the end of the semester. All of my final exams are 100% of my final grade so time management is crucial!

10:00am: Class ends. Time for coffee. I head to the cafe area and buy some cheap coffee and maybe a pastry and chat with friends.

11:00am: Time to bike home. I usually stop by the grocery store to pick up fresh vegetables to use for lunch. The Danes eat a lot of vegetables (especially cucumber, they are obsessed with cucumbers). Most vegetables in the grocery store are organic. Danes also love sandwiches on their signature rugbrød bread which is super healthy. Fast food isn’t common and eating out is pretty expensive, so most people cook.

My dorm, Tandlaegekollegiet

1:00pm: Meet a friend and head to the city. Shops close around 6pm, so this is the best time to head into town in order to have ample time. We usually get a coffee at a Baresso or local coffee shop. There are so many cute coffee boutiques. My favorite is either Great Coffee or Rub&Stub.

Christmas lights in the city right now

Christmas lights in the city right now

4:00pm: It’s December, so by this time it is completely dark outside already! At this time I usually head home or to a friend’s place. My Intro Week group has common dinners quite often, and my hallway has a common dinner every Monday.

Typical common dinner night with my Intro Week group.

7:00pm: Exercise time. I either run outside or go to the gym. Danish people really focus on health. At any time of the day you can inevitably see someone running outside, no matter the weather. Gym memberships can be really cheap, but you need a Danish bank account to get one. I just use my friend’s pass.

9:00pm: Come home and either settle in for the night or head back out. I love going to the movies here since the theaters are SO nice. There are also a lot of bars to go to on the weekends including departmental bars on Fridays (Fredagsbars). My favorite is the medicine department’s bar– they get crazy. If I am not going back into the city then I hangout with my hall mates or chill in my room and study or catch up on TV.