Since I’ll be in Greece next weekend I thought I would go ahead and say how incredible this first month has been. I am so thankful I was able to make the decision to study abroad. I believe this will be a forever life changing experience in a positive direction that I’ve honestly needed. Growing out of the “I want to be this person” phase and into the “I am becoming this person” is such an exciting feeling. Giving yourself the strength to go out and do what you think will make you a better person is scary, but take the plunge. It is well worth it and I feel as though I’ve already reaped positively from being here four weeks. Forever in favor of going to experience the world for an extended amount of time. You will be enriched forever and almost 99% of the time it’s for the better! Follow your dreams and go for what you believe in- there are no words for how much it uplifts you. My Dad gave me a letter on my birthday talking about Billy Joel’s song, Vienna, how much it means to find a place in this world where you can be who you are and do what you love while being surrounded by something beautiful. His “vienna” is Palma Ceia and my “vienna” I’m learning is London. So much to do, so much to see, and there’s never a dull moment. Feeling extra grateful today for my Gran and Papa and also my Dad for giving me the trip of a lifetime. I don’t want this month to end!

Off to Portobello Market today and Greece Thursday!