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Well I waited almost a week to do my next entry. So many apologies from me. My excitement upon arrival left me with almost no down time. And though my tone right now sounds temperate in a way, my excitement to dig into this entry and explain my experience is overwhelming.

So holy freaking cow Barcelona is the greatest place I have ever been. The people, the restaurants, the architecture, and the general vibe leave me in awe as I reflect. Both the natives and the other American students are always looking to have a good time.

My most recent tales include me missing the departure for a day trip to Sitges which is in North Spain (sorry mom I told you that was my plan but in reality I was too tired and couldn’t get myself to get up). I felt pretty bad about sleeping in, so I decided to set out by myself and check out some popular sites in the city. I packed up my bag and set out to see La Sagrada Familia, which is a stupid big church. So big that photographing it from the ground proved challenging as I had to go a couple blocks away just to get it all in one picture.

After that I escaped out of the big city madness and took a metro into the Gothic district. The buildings were so amazing. I have a ton of pictures on my Facebook that I made public so feel free to check them out. After some more sight seeing I found a little café with a guy playing some Spanish guitar. So I sat down, ordered a cheese sandwich and a glass of red wine; I haven’t felt that sort of peace in a long time.

Every night we have been going out and checking out the bars, each time they get better and better as we get to know more locals who point us in the right direction. Between singing Landslide (note, Fleetwood Mac version not Dixie Chicks) on the metro at the top of our lungs with twenty voices proud and swing dancing in the gothic district to flamenco performers, saying we’re having a good time is an understatement. Though we have confirmed that the nightlife in Barcelona is an experience, Spain is much bigger than this. It’s the kind of place that reminds you that if you and your family and your friends are healthy, there really isn’t much more to worry about. The people here live by this paradigm. For this, I am falling in love with Barcelona more every day.

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Chandler Coston



P.S. I am currently posting this from my favorite cafe known as Bracafe, and they are playing Sweet Home Alabama, no joke.