What’s up Roll Tide Nation,

My name is Chandler Coston and I’ll be documenting my travels in Barcelona where I will be studying Civil Engineering and some Spanish. I leave next week, so I decided to hit Tuscaloosa for one last time before I depart. I got there Thursday, caught up with some friends, and just hung out until Sunday afternoon. It was nothing short of a perfect weekend with way too many happenings to go in depth about, so I figured I would hit some notable moments for y’all.

I was under the influence that I had a ticket to the Florida Atlantic game. With this in mind, I caught up with a bunch of my friends (mainly STEM kids), hit the quad for a little bit, and we made our way over to Bryant-Denny Stadium. When I got to the gate, my card got denied. After bouncing around to a few different people and swiping it on different machines, I finally explained to them my situation. Apparently if I am studying abroad, some of my student privileges are waived, including admittance into football games. But the lady up front felt bad for me, brought me aside and said, “Honey I’m gonna let you in this one time, but if you is lying to me and I see you here next weekend, Jesus is gonna get ya.” We shared a laugh, a Roll Tide, and a hug. Yet another reason to love that city.

The rest of the weekend we just did the usual Rounders, fraternity hopping deal and it was a classic great time. But by my third night, I felt this looming sense of potential monotony of another semester in Tuscaloosa. My friends and I are only sophomores so we still just do the usual thing and haven’t quite had the urge to get out there. Though we are adventurers at heart who love seeing new things and traveling, our weekends look like the average weekend for a college student. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and I had nothing short of an amazing weekend, but it reminded me why I decided to go to Barcelona this semester. It was and is and always will be time for something new! This idea put me at ease, as I was second guessing myself for missing out on football season before this, and I was refilled with excitement for my journey!

I’ve got my cavities filled, my guitar strings fixed, my international go phone and credit card account set up, and I think I am ready to go. A few more trips to Goodwill are probably on my pre-departure docket, though not exactly necessary.  I’ll check back in with y’all next week when I get there and my posts and pictures will hopefully be a little more interesting! lol. I will also start using a DSLR instead of a iphone camera so my pics will be much prettier. Thanks for reading


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