Weird- the only word I can use to describe this pandemic and how it has affected my life in every way, including education. I was supposed to take classes abroad both last summer and this summer and was unable to both times. To be frank, this time around I was crushed. I had a feeling things wouldn’t be better in time but I still held some hope. As in my previous post, I completely agree with and understand the decision, but I am still sad. Instead of taking a chemical engineering lab in person in the beautiful city of Ireland with hands on experience, I had to adjust to the reality of taking this lab virtually from my childhood bedroom with little to no interaction and 10+ hours of screen time a day. As bad as it sounds once I adjusted it was alright. I was able to work while taking the lab, which I don’t recommend, but I was able to stick to a schedule and have a familiar support system which proved more valuable as the course progressed. For one, I was able to work with a friend and sorority sister who was supposed to study in Scotland but due to the move online was able to be my partner, which made the course and assignments more bearable. In retrospect, I cannot believe I took a lab that is normally taken over two semesters in a month and from my home. It was hard and exhausting but ultimately a rewarding way to commence my undergraduate degree. I am even more excited to travel and explore to Ireland as well as other places once it is safe to do so again and to do it without the added stress of a course.