Although investment banking and compliance do not end, these posts unfortunately have to!

It has been eye opening to see those in the compliance departments in the various countries come together and discuss at a higher level. As of the past few week, I have been assigned a project regarding reporting information when trading securities in different markets. With that I have been able to edit a word document and read more on their policies. Hopefully soon I will be able to continue and wrap this project up by the intended ending date. I have come to realize I really like policy and procedure and trading securities as a whole.

I have been nothing but reassured that I still want to travel the world and experience international companies. Therefore, I think I would enjoy working in compliance for an investment bank. I hope to get some form of job or another internship within the next year to confirm this.

When my study abroad got cancelled, I was so upset and took this internship as a second opportunity, in hopes of getting any experience I could. I think this internship being both with an international company and virtual was a lot. But, I was ready to handle it and think I handled it well. I hope to visit Southeast Asia soon in the near future and use the skills acquired from this internship and my many UA international business and finance classes!

If you are looking for a sign to study abroad, this is it! Thank you for coming along with me and Roll Tide!